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Nelling, Inc.

A c c e s s o r i e s

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Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!

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Pair of Metal Accent Wall Mirrors

A couple of brass embossed wall mirrors as hanging accent pieces in your doll house or doll setting.  Their classical design would fit well in many decors on either side of a fireplace, as one idea,  and they are ready for hanging with ring hooks mounted on the backs.  Age is not known but probably early 1900's.  They are each 4" tall and 3" wide.

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Handsome Umbrella For Your Fashion

There is a sunny walk in the park or stroll on the boardwalk that requires a dainty parasol, but when the real weather arrives, you fashion needs sensible protection from the elements.  That protection is provided by this beautifully made fashion umbrella with an ivorene handle, wood shaft and black silk "roof" to deflect the rain and snow.  It is 11" long and is in near perfect condition with just a small weak spot in the covering.  Wrapping it all up is a handsome closure strap with metal clasp.

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