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Bru Jne. 14

Mannequin Bebe

An extraordinary example of a Bru Jne. 14 that is not only a stunning, closed mouth bebe, but also a mannequin dressed as a boy in his original black velvet Lord Fauntleroy type costume, buttoned leather boots, and an added royal blue satin sash.  He has beautiful blue paperweight eyes, pale, even bisque and gentle blush, with an antique blond mohair wig with abundant curls.
His bisque swivel head is secured to the jointed wood, linen-covered, mannequin body with an elaborate wood finial that is of the same rich wood as his fully jointed and carved hands.  Not only is their detailing of knuckles and hands lifelike, but they move with the fluidity of real fingers, especially the index finger which has two knuckles jointed.  He stands firmly on his original wood stand which is a round pedestal with two posts that fit into the bottom the feet.  A most statuesque treasure from the museum collection of the Legacy Doll Museum in Billings, Montana.

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Jumeau Portrait Bebe

In a search for a doll with the softest presence, this 13 1/2" Jumeau second series portrait girl would fulfill the wish, as her creamy, dewy blushed bisque decorated with pale, gentle eyelash and brow strokes, rose petal closed lips, grey-blue paperweight eyes and sandy, blond original mohair wig made her a delicate subject in every photo.
She has a stamped, Jumeau eight ball body with straight wrists and wears a delightful, antique pink silk dress with lace trim floating around the skirt, shoulders and trimming the matching antique straw hat. Antique undergarments, socks and French leather shoes are also part of her ensemble, as well as an amethyst colored stone pendant around her neck.  She is another proud graduate of the Legacy Doll Museum in Billings, Montana.

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Tete Jumeau

Size 2

A cabinet-sized sweetheart made by Jumeau in the 1880's, this size two Tete Jumeau is only 11" tall and has big, bold blue paperweight eyes, a closed mouth, pale, creamy bisque, lush lashes and brows, pierced ears, and an antique wig of sunny blond mohair.  Her fully jointed Jumeau body has jointed wrists and is a delightful, original rosy blush color.  Her head has the full Tete Jumeau mark in red.
Her ruby red. antique, slim-fitting silk dress adorned with cream satin rope trim and matching fancy chapeau makes her ever more of a "jewel", with her undergarments, socks and ivory leather shoes all being antique as well.  She was a member of the family of wonderful dolls on display at the Legacy Doll Museum in Billings, Montana.

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Ferdinand Gaultier
Early, Bru-like Bebe

and Intricate Metal Carriage

An early, Block Letter French bebe by F.G. that supplies an example of the early business relationship between Ferdinand Gaultier and Casmir Bru, where design ideas, part production and styles were borrowed, shared and utilized.  The similarities here to an early Bru  are many, such as her pale and infantine face, heavenly blue paperweight eyes, swivel head and shoulder plate with square-cut collarette, delicate decoration and sparse but original, natural skin wig.
It continues with her Bru-like, kid leather plump body with gussetted joints and beautifully sculpted bisque hands and forearms.  The identifying difference between the two manufacturers' hand sculpting is the pronounced angular pose of the F.G. fingers as opposed to the rounded curves to those of the early Bru bebe. The body construction, however, is almost identical to that of the early Bru Brevete.  And the way this beautiful example is dressed makes her a twin sister to the Early Bru Teteur with her baby-esque presentation and overall feel.  Riding in her elaborate, mesh metal carriage, all seems right in her innocent world!

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Fre. A Steiner

La Parisienne

With the flat and crisp quality that an original organdy dress can supply, this cabinet size Figure A Steiner has that impeccable original feel that lovers of genuine doll clothing can appreciate.  Only time can give us this unmistakable look and feel and it is so satisfying.  Not to mention the antique bonne that compliments her crisp ensemble!  Underneath are her antique white undergarments, stockings and French, ivory leather shoes.  What a simple, clean presentation!
Her blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, smooth, rose petal bisque, and softly- toned decoration are framed with her original blond mohair wig atop her original grey cardboard Steiner pate.  Her fully jointed Steiner body with slim hands is in excellent condition, and bears the "La Parisienne" stamp on the upper left hip area.  Her ivory painted fingernails suggests that she came from the Au Nein Blue store in Paris, circa late 1880's.

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Early Bisque Hip Steiner Bebe

Jules Nicholas Steiner was a pioneer of the transition from fashion dolls to child dolls that began with his early bebes of the 1870's.  Borrowing ideas for jointing from the Orient, he adopted the Motchsmann or taufling body that by using bisque or paper mache for the head, shoulders, hips, lower arms and legs, and using stuffed muslin for the midsection, elbows and knees, made for a child doll that allowed for movement and lifelike flexibility.  This model (13"), with the closed mouth and stationery neck, is all in bisque and muslin, has cobalt enamel eyes and a very pale, almost white complexion. 
She has a closed dome head, flat unpierced ears, delicate shading, and statue like molding of all her body parts, including her derriere, typical of this very early stage in doll production.  She only has repair to the left thumb and forefinger, a wonder for a child's toy made of porcelain and of this age.  Her original strawberry blond, mohair wig is very sparse, so she has a replacement mohair wig of a very similar shade.  Her layers and layers of antique cotton and organdy clothing make for quite a dreamy presentation, along with her antique lace bonnet.

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Circle Dot Bru

From the early years of the Bru production, just after the Brevete bebe, came the Circle Dot Bru, with her highly sculpted facial features and powerful persona.  She has oversized, almond shaped and very blue paperweight eyes, mauve eye shadow, soft browns and lush lashes, full molded lips with a pronounced tongue in between, and angelic blush over pale, pale bisque.  The back of her swivel head is marked with the full circle and dot, and her bisque shoulder plate has subtle, pre-adolescent molded breasts.
At roughly 19" tall, she has a sturdy, gusseted leather body, with bisque lower arms and cherubic molded hands.  Her body has some conservative patching to protect the original healthy structure.  She has an abundant antique blond mohair wig, her pierced ears and turquoise glass bead earrings that match her chest-length necklace with gold metal pendant. She has traveled through life with and extended collection of wardrobe pieces, all of them genuine and special in their simplicity that so represents the early bebe style.
   In addition to very special and detailed undergarments with pleating and lace trim, she had three beautifully trimmed cotton dresses that can be worn alone or as ensembles, with the simpler ones providing the extra fill of an "under-dress", a smart, pleated grey wool coat with striped silk lining, opulent lace and silk bonnet and of course a deluxe cotton night gown with more pleating and lace trim.  Antique leather shoes and knit stockings complete her loveliness.

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Rare Lantenier Character "Toto"


A bundle of joy named "Toto" by the Lantenier firm in the town of Limoges, this rare character toddler does not show up too often.  She is 12 1/2" tall, has the unusual hazel glass eye color seen mainly from this factory, an open closed mouth with molded teeth top and bottom, pale bisque for the later vintage doll of 1920 that she is, and a wispy antique blond, original mohair wig.

She has a super chubby, five-piece composition toddler body with an unusual, thick paint surface that, at first look seems repainted, but after black lighting reveals that it is the original, luxurious coat.  Her youthfully posed hands and feet truly bring her toddler spirit to life.  She wears a turquoise cotton dress and matching velvet bow in her hair that could very well be original, as well as her cotton ribbed socks and leatherette black shoes. 

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Rare SFBJ 245 Googly

 The French aspect really comes through with this joyfully smiling child , who has that extra dimension of "peculiar" that only the French could add.  It is an idealization of the normal, almost a theatrical persona, and it is brilliant.  This darling example is 8 tall, has blue glass sleep eyes, a closed, grinning mouth in which the molded teeth can be seen hiding between the lips, but having been intentionally painted the lip color by the factory, for a more watermelon smile.

   The body is a stout, five-piece toddler style with molded and painted short boots of cinnamon brown.  The hands show some wear, but the condition overall is excellent. The auburn mohair wig is antique if not original. The Brittany regional outfit and muslin undergarments she wears are fresh, from the SFBJ factory production line, with only the complementary bonnet with ribbon trim being an antique addition.  The garments have never been removed and are stitched into permanent position.

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