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E a r l y   D o l l s

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Taufling Body China

Rare Large Size

An already rare doll, the Taufling, or Motchsman body child china becomes almost a fantasy in this larger than large size of 15".  And what's more is the hard to find "Alice" hairdo, making her a museum piece indeed.  Her near-white china continues from her rounded, youthful head, flange neck, lower arms with lovely detailed fingers to her lower legs with realistically molded calves. Then come her china feet that are molded black boots. At her left temple runs a very fine line that is very difficult to see and it also faintly appears across the bridge of the nose.
Her hair, once gold-luster hairband, shy facial painting and shading are neat and understated.  Her shoulderplate and hip section are of paper mache, with the original, cotton-filled linen joints providing ample movement.  There is wear and soiling to these fabric sections, which is to be expected after over 175 years of handling, so there are areas that are fragile or restitched.  Her cotton undergarments, that have some later dated provenance pinned on, and her simple and fine cotton wool dress are accessorized with a beaded shoulder bag that respectfully remains from when she was acquired.

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English Wooden

21 1/2"
Carved Ears

With a positive presence, this English, King George III wooden lady sits or stands contently to tell us of her journey though the ages, with her well carved profile and facial features dating her to the 1760's, but no later as her highly detailed ear carving suggests a recent transition from the more intricate examples of the mid 18th century.  She has the typical black, pupil-less enamel eyes, dotted eyebrows, tight-lipped smile and rosy mooned cheeks.  Her chestnut hair seems to be of smooth flax fibers.  Her exposed areas have been stabilized with a varnish to protect her original finish and expected touch-ups for a doll of this period in history.
Her all wood body consists of a one-piece, head and torso with fully jointed, hand-carved arms and legs that allow for any type pose.  Her appropriate costume is made from antique fabrics and trim that portray the style and class that she represented at her period in time.  She has and antique, hooped petticoat to facilitate her bold silhouette, and an antique shawl and cap in soft cotton and lace.  Her heeled, leather slippers are not antique, but very smart.

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Wood Body Paper Mache


Due to the unusual combination of mediums in the materials she is made from, this doll is known to properly be call the "Alien Head".  She has the paper mache shoulder head with molded hair in the 1840's style, but her fully jointed wood body is a transitional style from the previous decades.  Her pale complexion and black hair, having covered ears and a rear bun is quite striking, and from regular age, there are some surface cracks to the paint on the head and shoulder area.  Her wonderful, fully jointed wood body is covered under her never removed, lace and chint original dress, with a feminine, oversized lace collar.  Her lower arms and legs have the original paint and her feet are molded slipper panted cadmium red/orange.

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Royal Portrait in Wax

11 1/2"
Circa 1740.

Probably a depiction of a royal figure or lady of rank in the mid-eighteenth century France, this wax doll mounted on her original wooden platform defies time in its obviously "ancient", but impressive and untouched condition.  Her head, shoulder and chest are all one piece of molded wax, she has dark, pupil-less enamel eyes and her inserted hair seems to be ringlets of horse-hair only one of which is fully intact.  There is wax loss around her eyes and expected cracking from the outward
Her body is cloth over wire armature and her hands of molded wax peak out from her extravagant costume of silks, gilt trims, starched lace and a series of glass pearls that adorn both the garland that she holds and her crown of formed metallic trimmings.   Her skirt width portrays her importance with the silhouette performed by the use of farthingales and abundant fabric.  She even retains her petticoat and some early pins that are lodged in and around her costume to hold things in place.  Lastly, trailing behind her is her original, chocolate silk train with a cream linen edging that may have been once covered with decoration.  A dome would be a perfect home for her.

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Schilling Paper Mache

A German paper mache child (9 1/2") with ethereal beauty, having icy blue glass eyes, fair complexion, closed mouth, and original presentation from head to toe.  Her dramatic regional costume of Switzerland is multi-layered and in very nice condition, with some fading to her once tomato red apron.  She has a wonderful original blond mohair wig features two waist length braids and her stuffed, cloth body has lovely paper mache lower arms and legs that match the pale tint of her shoulderhead.  A little jewel of a doll.

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