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A l l   B i s q u e

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Wrestler Bru Jne. Model

9 1/2"
Mold 132

Here is one you don't see but once or twice in a collecting lifetime;  the elusive German Bru Jne. for the French market all bisque wrestler.  She comes from the line of wrestlers we all know, from the standard number 102, to the rare Circle Dot Bru face of the number 120 and then this extraordinary Bru Jne. version of the doll bearing the number 132 on the back of the head.  These are the only three numbers found on an actual wrestler all bisque, but many wrestler-type dolls with other markings and faces do exist.
The familiar presence of the Bru Jne. comes alive in all bisque form with her sky blue paperweight eyes with soft eyeliner, lashes and brows, her closed lips with a hint of tongue in between, her full, rose-blushed, pouty cheeks and pierced ears plus a voluminous antique blond mohair wig.  She has a swivel neck and the signature body of the husky wrestler we love;
Full chest and muscular arms with one bent more than the other, jointed at the hips, and even more robust legs jointed at the hips and molded footwear with the knee height white stockings and gold and black bootines.  She has the typical wrestler shading on joints and torso. Her clothing included an antique silk frock and cotton undergarments with some oversized accessories that include a brown felt and crimson feathered chapeau and a long, rabbit fur stole.  Looks like the ultimate all bisque has been playing dress-up in mama's closet!

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Simon Halbig 886

The classic 7" Simon Halbig all bisque that made molded long, black stockings and heeled brown shoes famous.  A nice sized girl with long legs and bent arms, blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, lush brows and lashes and a peachy bisque tone to set off her replaced red mohair wig.  Jointed at the hips and shoulders and swivel neck, she moves her exceptional early, lace inserted antique frock with matching lace-trimmed undergarment into sweeping, full poses.

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Asian All Bisque Beauty

Exotic Mignonette

The inspiration of the Orient was felt strongly during many eras past, with the flavor of design, fashion, and culture of east Asia leaving its mark throughout society.  The doll world followed suit with production of fashions, bebes and all bisques with molded features, hairstyles and costumes that reflected this love for the Orient.  With a slightly olive complexion, brown glass eyes in an upwardly slanted cut, and a closed mouth in a hint of a smile, this little girl is most probably from the firm of Simon Halbig, whose all bisque mignonettes   often surpassed their true French counterparts in beauty and finery.
She has a swivel neck and is jointed at the shoulders and hips, with long, slender limbs and bare feet. There is  a very small chip at the top back of her left thigh.     Her original raven braided mohair wig hangs below her knees from an upswept bun high atop her solid dome head.  Her black satin, ankle length culottes supply a dramatic backdrop to her enchanting, floral embroidered, cream silk tunic.  Exotic beauty.

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Little Miss Sunshine

9 1/2"
Early Kestner Girl

Like a tall sunflower, this statuesque 9 1/2" all bisque girl is drawn to sunshine and spreads warmth and happiness wherever she is.  She has blue sleep eyes, open mouth with square cut teeth, peachy pale bisque, long blond human hair antique wig, swivel neck and jointed at shoulders and hips and a healthy body with robust curves and detailed hands and bare feet.  Her right big toe has a chip at the end.
Every angle of her bisque body, from her shapely torso, to her chubby arms and detailed knees is awesome. Her bright personality is complimented by her antique yellow cotton and starched organdy garden dress with coordinating bonnet, antique undergarmens and if she so prefers, she has little leather antique shoes in mint green. Little Miss Sunshine!

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Elusive French Mignonette

Having the presence and quality of a fine early French bebe, this 6" all bisque mignonette is sure to charm any fine collection, while posing the question and inspiring some research on who her maker may be.  While many French firms like Ferdinand Gaultier, Bru,  SFBJ, Schmitt, Jullien and Sustrac included all bisques in their lines, the pale, wide-faced, almond eyed features of this beauty resemble so closely an early Schmitt bebe, more than any of the others.
She has icy blue enamel eyes, a demure, deep crimson closed mouth, feathery painting of lashes and brows, and softly shaded cheeks with a replaced caramel colored mohair wig rolled into side braids.  She also has pierced ears which is highly unusual for an all bisque and her long, slender body and limbs of pale, pale bisque is graceful indeed.  She has a swivel neck, jointing at shoulders and hips, and nicely molded bare feet with the option to cover them with her miniscule pale blue leather slippers.  Her ice blue satin frock with lace and button trim is so elegant on her, though she already stands apart with her rare qualities.

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Mignonette with Jointed Elbows

Most probably from Sustrac in the late 1870's, this 4 3/4" French all bisque with bird-like fineness is a tiny treasure from head to toe. She has blue enamel eyes, pursed closed lips, and arched painted brows with dotted  lashes. Her swivel head is perched on her ultra slim body, having long legs, bare feet and slender arms that are jointed with detached balls at the elbows.  She is completely original, with a long, strawberry blond mohair wig and cream silk, lace trimmed frock and hat. She even retains her original silk ankle ties that serve as her shoes, better to display her dainty bare feet. Her left foot has been expertly repaired, almost invisibly.

s s s    

Barefoot 102 Wrestler

She may look strong with her highly molded and muscular "wrestler" body, but she is as graceful and feminine as can be with her powder blue originally set glass eyes, lush lashes and browns, open mouth with two square top teeth and one on the bottom, beautifully blushed pale bisque, antique blond, long mohair wig and pierced ears.  A swivel neck and jointing at shoulders and hips.
  Incised with  the defining wrestler mold number of 102, she has the classic wrestler bisque body, with one arm bent more than the other.  How the wrestlers we all know and love usually have molded bootines in various colors. this rare girl has beautifully molded bare feet that allows her lifelike, chubby curves embrace her from head to toe.  She just has a small chip on the front rim of her left thigh, otherwise no damage.  Her simple starched organdy antique slip lenty of clothing for such an attractive body, along with her antique pantaloons and vintage lace mini-bonnet.  She is a hearty 8 1/2" tall.

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Rare Kestner Multi-Jointed 111 Cutie

Extra jointing is always fun, especially with an irresistible face like this Kestner 111 googlie has!  The side-glancing, set blue glass eyes and watermelon mouth invite you to play and pose her versatile body that has jointing not only at the shoulders and hips, but also the elbows and knees.  Molded brown Mary Janes and white molded socks with blue garters adorn her dancing feet, and an antique blond mohair wig tops her head.  The right eye has a tiny piece of bisque missing that looks like the factory missed it and proceeded to keep decorating the lashes.  She wears a quirky red and white checkered dress and black velvet cap with a Scottish flavor.

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