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Nelling, Inc.

A c c e s s o r i e s

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Fashion Powder Puff $95.00

A tiny cloud of eider down feathers surrounding a miniature bone ring, tied up with a piece of ivory silk ribbon make for an antique powder puff that can surely be a welcome member of a fashion lady’s trousseau or dresser top.  Dainty in size, the puff is roughly 1 ˝” – 2” in diameter, depending on the breeze. 

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Miniature Spectacles
2" Wide

Tortoise Shell Frames
With circular tortoise shell frames and early celluloid lenses, these miniature eyeglasses are a charming touch to either your fashion trousseau, nearsighted doll, or intelligent teddy bear.  The frames are about 2" wide and the wire extensions also 2" plus, in their bent position.  The wires can be bent and adjusted to fit the specific length needed, even cut if necessary. 

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French Fashion Parasol

7 1/8"
Lovely Color and Size

There would be few ensembles that this taupe silk, French parasol would not complement and the small size is always useful for fashions on the smaller side.  It has its original, taut covering in excellent condition in that versatile grey/brown hue, with the underside of cream silk oddly very frayed.  The smart bone handle detail is continued at the very tip and at the ends of each metal spoke of the sturdy frame.

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ashion Hammock

For a Nap in the Garden

With the breeze blowing and the birds chirping, the busy Victorian lady can not resist a little relaxation in her garden, suspended on her woven hammock.  Its loosely woven netting is mounted on cotton cord straps with metal hoops for attachment, and it is accented with tassels of richly colored yarn.   For the girl with everything, the woven area measures approx. 17" long, with the width very flexible as needed.  (Doll and props not included)

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Miniature Scissors $185.

Perriot motif miniature novelty scissors of silver that have the same detailed “Polichinelle” molding on both sides.    They are 1 7/8” long and most probably English.   

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What a joy to offer this wonderful and unusual fashion accessory that adds depth and amusement to any display or trousseau.  It is is a miniature chess set of excellent quality and workmanship, from the carved bone game pieces including all Pawns, Rooks, Bishops, Knights, Queens and Kings, to the inlaid wood game board that folds in half to become storage for the game pieces.  One of the white pawns has been repaired at the middle.  Extraordinary conversation piece for your special doll vignette.  The game board measures 4 3/8" long and wide, when opened it is 1" thick and when closed, 2" thick.

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