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Nelling, Inc.

F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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Few words are adequate when attempting to describe this doll, a deluxe Jumeau portrait fashion with a stunning face, original presentation, and awesome proportions.  She is a statuesque 29" tall, with nothing less than breathtaking molding of features, luscious mauve eye shadow, fine detail of lashes and brows, subtle blush and piercing blue paperweight eyes. Her abundant blond mohair wig is original with flowing blond ringlets all around.
She has a swivel neck dividing her pale-as-ivory bisque head and shoulderplate, a clean and sturdy leather body that has separately stitched fingers and toes, very minor, small patching at the crotch and at the shoulder area where the arms are attached and some slouching at the chest area.  Her clothing is impressive in its simplicity, her original chemise of crisp cotton gauze that is trimmed in wide French lace.
Her undergarments include her camisole and pantaloons in delicate white, with a canvas corset shaped for the younger woman, as she is.  Her French leather shoes are of ivory leather, from her pierced ears hang pearly drop earrings, and from her neck a glass strand of  turquoise and white beads.  Lastly, her antique, pink chintz bonnet with ample lace cascading around her face, is the perfect frame for the ethereal beauty of her face.

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Ferdinand Gaultier

17 1/2"
French Fashion as Male


 Dressed as a charming young gentleman of the 1860's. this 17 1/2" F.G French fashion offers gentile companionship for your available fashion ladies.  He has rare, brown enamel eyes, pale, smooth bisque like the young, unweathered complexion that doesn't need to shave much, a strawberry blond, antique mohair wig, and a swivel neck and shoulderplate on a pristine, gusseted leather body

.His three-piece, herring bone suit is tailored from antique fabrics, and underneath he sports a smart, antique cotton fine shirt, trimmed in black silk.  His felt, curved brim hat is old but what he really needs is a handsome top hat and is currently shopping for that, along with a strong and loving lady to walk beside him. 

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  Jumeau Child Fashion with E.J. Look


Jumeau child fashion (10”) that has the face, decoration and bulbous blue paperweight eyes to inspire the soon to be born E.J. bebe.  She has a rosy complexion, with original blond mohair wig in upswept style, Jumeau artist’s check marks on the back of the head, swivel neck, and kid leather body that bears the purple Jumeau stamp on the lower back.  The inside of her left hand has been reinforced with old glove leather, and the fingers on the right hand are slightly shortened by wear. 

Her enfantine, A-line, ruffled frock could be found on a well-heeled Bru or Jumeau bebe, topped with her elaborate silk, large brimmed bonnet. Both are antique as well as her undergarments, stockings and tiny turquoise leatherette shoes.   

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Poupee Jumeau

A fresh face and content expression is the first thing you see in this 15" Jumeau poupee peau.  She has grey blue enamel, wide almond shaped eyes, pale bisque, and gentle decoration of features.  She has pierced ears wearing opalescent drop earrings, a swivel neck and shoulder, and her body is all leather with gusseted joints at the hips and knees.  A bit of soil and a reinforced puncture on the left hip, plus a restored right ring finger are marks of her travels. Her auburn mohair wig has age, but is not original and her pate is the cup type, not cork.
Her two piece walking suit is not antique, but well made of antique fabrics and trim giving her the appropriate style of her period.  Antique slip, pantaloons, a vintage camisole, straw hat and newer leathers shoes complete her necessary components.  This would be a great doll to acquire for a wardrobe sewing project or to start collecting an abundant array of costumes and accessories for her future trousseau.

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Francois Gaultier

Diminutive Fashion

For those who love to step back in time regarding the condition of a doll, this gem of a little fashion can be as exciting as one dressed to the nines in an extravagant costume.  She retains her factory original glory in condition and presentation except for a couple of additions.  Her original, starched muslin chemise, accented with coral ribbons at the collar and on her head, is magically coordinated with her original glass bead necklace with cross.  Her wig is styled in its original combination of a crimped fringe and long locks, partly braided on the top layer.  She has a swivel neck and her gusseted leather body is as white and sturdy as the day it was made, with the chemise never having been removed.  Added are her mock pearl earrings and her leather slippers.  Her large, blue glass eyes, soft smile and softly blushed cheeks give her a pleasant expression that goes with her sweet simplicity.

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Early Huret-like Fashion

Something sets this 17 1/2" debutant fashion apart from her early sisters from the firms of  Barrois, Rohmer, Blampoix and others producing child fashion dolls circa 1860.  The extra detailed molding of her features and statuesque, plump quality of her face make her strikingly similar to a glass-eyed version of the Adelaide Huret fashion.  She is of a genre of dolls that had that extra touch of molded eyelids and sweet expression that many Huret dolls had.  She has midnight blue glass eyes, palest bisque, and a flange neck (slightly loose attachment).
Her long and flowing antique wig of auburn mohair is tied back into an abundant pony tail and she has pierced ears with proper doll earrings of dangling, turquoise glass beads.  She has a robust leather body with gussets at the knees and plump, pale bisque arms that have wooden upper jointing.  One of her beautifully crafted hands has repair to the fingers, as seen in the photo.  Her jewel of a green silk dress is adorned with genuine black jet beads and she wears an black silk pillbox type hat that is inscribed "R.I.P" in the crown.  Her black leather boots are antique, and frail.  The handsome Borzoi hounds in one of her photos can be found on the accessories page.

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Ultra Fashionable Jumeau

14 ˝”
Wood Jointed Bisque Arms


  An extraordinary antique costume that will turn heads is the first identifying mark of this Jumeau fashion with blue spiral enamel eyes, pale bisque, swivel neck, pierced ears, and a loosely coiffed, antique blond mohair wig.   Her two piece suit of vibrant colors that range from cobalt to daffodil blue to violet orchid hues, defies gravity with its lined silk jacket and quilted skrit’s internal structure and crispness.  Adding additional support is her antique, full hoop petticoat, antique undergarments, and she is accessorized with  leather slippers and a coordinating felt chapeau with feather adornment. 

Her jacket and skirt are trimmed with original black cording and tassels. Her near mint clean body, except for an area of stain on the inner left thigh, has the added and upgraded feature of wood jointed shoulders and stout, pale fully bisque arms with detailed fingers and nails.  She also has gusseting at her knees for added flexibility.  The only misfortune of this stunning presentation of style is solving the problem of how to sit without disappearing behind it!

s s s      

La Poupee "Phenix"
Benoit Louis Martin


Extremely Rare Signature Body

Seldom seen fashion doll that is characterized by the rarity of the body design and construction, so different from any other articulated poupee.  Of the few documented examples found, the body is seen in both gutta percha or in finely mastered carved wood such as this one, with metal jointed plates for smoothness in movement and a deluxe finishing touch, like a very fine piece of furniture with superior workmanship.
Attached to her midsection is a brass oval plate with the maker's mark "La Poupee Phenix, Benoit Louis Martin", almost like an award of excellence. Another obvious and pleasant feature of this example are the bisque, articulated arms that carry through the lovely pale bisque of her early shoulderhead.  Cobalt blue enamel eyes, very gentle decoration and a slightly upturned set of lips, together with her antique skin wig, unpierced ears and pale blush make her the early beauty of 1860 that she is.  On the back edge of her shoulderplate are two areas of chipped bisque, where the original nails were inserted to secure the head to the body.

 While the collector of this advanced specimen may hesitate to cover the body with clothing, one idea is to pose her in her flowing cotton antique peignoir, antique pink cotton socks with checkered "garter" edging, and olive green leather shoes with crimson ties.

 Next to her on a dress form can be her 1860 Autumn plaid, two-piece silk suit with gathered trim of the same fabric, her antique, crossed lace shawl that ties in the back, and her black velveteen bonnet with black lace trim.  At her waist is pinned a vintage chatelaine and watch fob.  She is sturdy enough to welcome lots of dressing and undressing, just in case a decision on how to display her may be difficult to reach!


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