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Nelling, Inc.

F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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Barrois Lady

17 1/2"

Haute Couture Ensemble


, Here is an outstanding French fashion of the Barrois period, both in her features and in her presentation.  She has an ethereal quality with her eggshell bisque, classically painted, pale features with a hint of rouge on her full cheeks, and cobalt blue enamel eyes.  She has pierced ears and her golden blond, antique mohair wig is in a loosely coiffed, original pulled back style with abundant cascading curls
She has a swivel neck on bisque shoulder plate and a deluxe body with leather over wood upper arms, wood elbow and leg joints, gusseted hips and lovely bisque forearms and hands.  She has antique undergarments with an elongated half-slip that supports her navy and cream silk ruffled and elongated skirt train with built in bustle gathers.  The same detail is repeated along the edges of her long suit jacket that has pronounced lapels and double-breasted buttons.  To top it off is a navy and cream silk chapeau that is part of the matching 3-piece ensemble.  Her leather boots are spectacular and pinned to her jacket is her antique watch fob with an enamel decorated back.

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Early Round Face Beauty

17 1/2"
Terrene Body

, The youthful look of this fashion doll can be attributed to her robust, full face, her soft expression and her infantine
silhouette.  She has the early look of a Barrois, combined with the romantic mood of an early Bru, with her grey blue enamel eyes, very soft shading and decoration, pulled back, honey blond mohair in tight ringlets, and a swivel neck on bisque shoulder plate.  She even bears resemblance to a glass-eyed Huret fashion!
Her body has leather-covered, metal upper arms, bisque forearms and plump hands, with a leather over wood torso, lower legs and leather over metal upper legs.  The leather that covers her is loosely mounted on the upper legs, generally indicating what is known as the Terrene body.  Her lovely plaid costume with silk fringe across the bodice and around the back of the dramatic collar is of antique silk and shows expert workmanship.  Her brown leather boots are antique.

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Jumeau Young Fashion

Exotic Coloring

, The distinctly tanned bisque coloring combined with her brilliant blue enamel eyes give this youthful Jumeau fashion a very exotic look.  Combined with her rosy cheeks and loosely coiffed, antique auburn mohair wig, we have a truly interesting and unusual beauty. She has a swivel neck on bisque should plate and pierced ears.
Her leather body, typical of these diminutive fashion dolls, is only jointed at the shoulders, and while somewhat soiled from the ages, the hips and legs are sturdy and firm.  Her cream silk suit is antique, and has ornate gathers to the skirt and train, and the matching jacket has an overlay of cream lace.  Her antique cream leather shoes are very delicate, her undergarments are also antique and the only thing added is her vintage, flirty silk hat.

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"Etienne", Deluxe Jumeau Portrait

17 1/2"
Generational Wardrobe, First Communion to Mourning

, A stunning face and a lifetime of experiences are on display with this deluxe Jumeau portrait fashion.  Her almond shaped, blue enamel eyes, mauve eye shadow, palest bisque and subtle decoration of facial features and pierced ears  are framed beautifully with her antique and abundant, curly blond mohair wig. 
, She has a gorgeous bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate and has robust bisque lower arms and legs, on a fully jointed leather over wood body.  The fingers and toes have lifelike molding and painted detail. On her left arm at the elbow joint, there is a covered line, expertly done and invisible. 
, She looks sweet and reverent in her cotton First Communion gown and veil with wax flower crown, and life continues to give her special moments in a red cotton, ruffled suit, a white cotton and lace garden dress, a lavender skirt with a cheerful and fresh, floral on ecru ribbed silk matching jacket, and a sophisticated black and white, checked silk suit of couturier quality.  A teal wool cape can be mixed and matched with other outfits in the closet and all clothing is antique.
, Finally, she is again reverent in her black silk mourning suit with silk organza applied details and matching chapeau.  In her metal covered, is plenty of storage, a shelf and compartments to store her wardrobe, undergarments, hats and accessories.  (The prayer altar and Borzoi hound in three photos is available separately for sale.)

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Gaultier Young Fashion

10 1/2"
Simply Original

In her original chemise of crisp, starched organdy, this fine little creature can display as she came out of the factory, or she can be the foundation of an acquired trousseau.  Made by F.G. she has clear blue enamel eyes, crimson painted lips, pierced ears and her original, wavy blond mohair wig.  Her body is all leather and in wonderful condition with gussets at the elbows and knees.  For accents, she wears antique earrings and a crucifix on a coral bead necklace, with silk hair ribbons to match.

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Jumeau Portrait Fashion

Grand Size

$5450.  ON HOLD
A Jumeau portrait fashion is always a visual treat with its more adult look and fine detailing of facial features, but in this grand size, she takes on a special importance, almost like a statue to be studied in a museum. The ultra pale bisque makes an angelic palate for her spiral blue enamel eyes, her elongated nose, outlined lips and soft strokes of color for her lashes and brows.  She even has applied ears that are pierced.
She has a long, antique blond mohair wig and a swivel neck on a bisque shoulder plate and her body is all of gusseted kid leather with jointing at the shoulders and hips.  Both arms have patching that must have restored some wear and tear, but the body overall is strong and sturdy.  Her white cotton, muslin and lace dress is simple like an "at-home" dress of her late 1860's-1870 era and her undergarments are just as charming, with a white corset ties in the back.

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Extremely Rare P.D. Fashion

Most probably the inspiration for the famous Petit et Dumoutier bebe, the factory briefly produced a fashion body with the same traits.  It is a fully jointed wood and composition body having metal hands!  Of the few examples and information found, it is documented that Gaultier heads her used for this model, but not exclusively. 
She is 17 1/2" tall, has grey-blue enamel eyes, pierced ears, palest bisque, lightly decorated features and a splendid, original and highly styled blond mohair wig.  The cascading curls go on and on, and are ornamented with a small string of faux pearls.
Her one-piece, plum silk dress is expertly made with fabrics of her day, she has antique undergarments and a dramatic, highly structured, antique corset whose rich, purple color repeats the dress color.  Her leather boots are antique she wears an old and regal glass gem broach on her chest.

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Barrois Fashion

with Trunk and Extras

What a powerful statement is made by this larger, early Barrois fashion with the haunting face of a poetic muse. She exudes a calm confidence with her palest, pure bisque, cobalt blue, almond-shaped enamel eyes, long, slender nose, and light rose-stained closed mouth with a content semi-smile.  She has pierced ear holes, but it is difficult to insert earrings so they remain empty for now.
Her simple, blond mohair wig is pulled back into a loose braid and secured with a tiny metal barrette.  Her swivel head and shoulderplate are mounted on a superb, gusseted leather body which is very sturdy and clean. In her linen-covered, wooden trunk with attached enforcements of wooden slats  is a small wardrobe for a short weekend trip.

  One suit is a luscious light plum wool, with ruffled trim on the skirt and jacket edges on on the cuffs.  The purple velvet, extreme chapeau is trimmed in gold metallic trim.  A second wool suit is a gray/mauve number with plum ribbon trim, and with it she is shown wearing her real fur stole and cap. And a third outfit is a combination of a ruffled, muslin blouse, a linen navy skirt and an olive green velvet cape with applied, crocheted lace for accent.
 She decided to bring a well-worn cotton beret with dark ribbon trim and some ice skates (just in case!), in addition to her button up, merlot leather boots and smart, metal and shell pocket book that has compartments galore!  Also seen is her bedroom commode porcelain set with pitcher and bowl, ring box, soap dish plus bar of soap, and and additional lidded container for toiletries.  And of course,  metal mirror, a real bristle brush and fine tooth comb.

s s s    

Radiquet & Cordonnier

16 1/2"
Rare Fashion Lady

 Original Gown

and Pedestal Stand
The word "statuesque" so perfectly describes the Radiquet & Conrdonnier doll as she is not only a fashion, but also an artistic figurine with so many enchanting qualities.  Her pale bisque swivel head has the softly executed  characteristics of Jumeau artistry with is large, almond shaped enamel eyes, gentle lash and brow and cheek color, strong nose and full, shapely lips.  At the front crown of her head is a 1/4" long baking line that continues as a faint hairline down the forehead.
  Her shoulder plate has realistically molded, exposed breasts and her bent bisque arms and finely sculpted hands hold a graceful dancer's pose.  Her lower legs end in molded, heeled slippers, all in a sheer, pale flesh pink. The torso, hips, upper arms and legs of the body are a firmly sawdust filled, kid leather with a realistic and shapely silhouette.  Underneath her molded shoes are two, metal enforced holes that accommodate the metal posts set into the round wooden, original and raised stand.  Under the pedestal is the original factory lable.  The rear right heal of one shoe has a small chip that is not visible.
Her original gown is of metallic mesh fabric and lace that is separated in many places, but loses nothing in providing and almost fairy tale, medieval style when the sash is tied just under the breast line, then adopts a gay nineties flavor when tied low, just below the waist.  Underneath is an attached, palest pink slip to line the dress, and added is some extra silk chiffon in the same color to provide a train if desired.  Her newer, platinum mohair wig and sterling silver crown trailing flowing chiffon seem to put her on Shakespear's stage!

s s s     

"Jean Marie",  Portrait Jumeau

Deluxe Body and Trousseau, Including Wedding Gown

, Always a joy is the Jumeau portrait fashion, and in this statuesque size of 20" with an extensive, antique trousseau, she is remarkable!  She has blue spiral enamel eyes, a slightly full face with gentle shading and decoration of facial features, pierced ears and an antique versatile, long blond mohair wig. 
She has a pale bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate, with lifelike bisque lower arms and hands, and also bisque lower legs and feet.  One of her fingers is reglued and repaired, but the hands and feet have beautiful, soft shading and detail.  Her fully jointed body is kid leather over wood and in excellent condition.
, In order to store her vast array of clothing, she owns a sizable and high-quality, fabric covered, hump back wooden trunk with two trays! Highlighting her antique wardrobe is her satin silk wedding gown with enormous train and delicate veil hanging from a crown of wax flowers. 
She also has an outfit for mourning made of silk with jet bead detail, and a dramatic, black velvet cape that can be used with other garments. There are lots of other outfits to choose from, including a cornflower blue and light grey cotton day suit, a brown silk promenade dress, a royal blue silk gown is embroidered matching belt, plus a perfect suit for autumn in rusty floral designs over black, heavy cotton weave.
Continuing with outfits, we have a floral over ecru ribbed silk dress over a crisp, white cotton blouse, a plum colored, velvet suit with high style for an evening out, sporting a real fur stole with face and tail! She has hats to mix and share, lovely white cotton, antique undergarments and some charming accessories as well. Two parasols, one of which is stamped Huret in green, but not verified as such, a pink feather celluloid fan and more! (The black chow canine companion in one of the photos is available for sale separately.)

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, Gaultier Prima Donna

The audience will not stop cheering for this show-stopping lady, a 16" F.G. fashion on her highly unusual, fully jointed wood body, with the actual doll being pictured in the Seeley book, "Study of the Fashion Dolls of France". She has variegated blue enamel eyes, impeccable, soft painting of features, pierced ears, and is marked with a "4" on the back of the head.
, Her never-seen, jointed body has extra jointing at the midriff, wrists and ankles, similar to a Bru Poupee bois, but with closer inspection, the curvy silhouette makes her take on a unique quality, with a rose pink hue to the wood finish and to the matching leather collarette  that outlines the shoulder plate.  Also in the rose-toned pink, is a metal cylinder above the knee joint on the right leg, perhaps to accommodate some sort of stand. This body enables her to express herself completely during her performance on stage.
, Her high-profile, platinum mohair wig in eighteenth century fashion is antique with some newer hair accessories added for effect.  This evening she wears a costume hand sewn by the prior owner/collector, of silk brocade with metallic trim.  Simple, genuine, but majestic. Brava!

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Early Bru Fashion

Articulated Wood Arms

With the rounder shaped face of the early Bru fashions, this very special lady has an ethereal quality caused by her eggshell white bisque, relaxed, almond shaped blue enamel eyes, subtle cheek and lip color, with a content smile.  Her swivel head has the mark "E" incised in the back, as does the shoulderplate
  Her original brunette, human hair wig retains its braided up-do and is adorned with a hair ornament of a band of spring flowers.  She has pierced ears and wears delicate glass earrings, and her very clean and sturdy, gusseted leather body has the added feature of fully jointed, wooden arms for creative posing.
  What is believed to be her original clothing may look simple at first glance, but further inspection takes it to a level of summer couture fashion.  The soft, muslin cotton dress itself is edged with a wide band of open French lace, as is the matching long jacket that is cinched at the waist.  Over this is a delicate collar/shawl with the same exquisite lace detail as the dress, which, drawn over the shoulders, gives her a magical 1860 style.  Even her original undergarments deserve attention as they are a matching, organdy chemise and pantaloons.  Her button-up, camel leather boots are antique as are her stockings.

s s s   

Haunting Barrois Fashion and Country Wardrobe

It is so nice when a wardrobe is not only genuine, but has an endearing theme like this one, which belongs to this 15" early Barrois fashion young lady.  She has blue enamel eyes, palest bisque, a youthful, round face with soft decoration, and her original, blond mohair wig in a back-do.
She has a swivel neck on bisque shoulder plate, a leather body with gussets at hips and knees and pale bisque arms with the same paleness as the head.  The arms are attqached to the shoulders with wood tenon joints that allow for fluid movement and posing with accessosries.
Her wardrobe includes a black and white checked suit for daytime activities in town, an A-line white pique frock that is a country classic, a white house dress with purple and black apron, and a red and white, multi-piece cotton costume that can be worn for chores around the farm, maybe even for a milk maid!  The red and white costume even has embroidered matching slippers!
There are hats, bonnets, and a snood, a leather travel bag, a netted sack to collect things such as fruit and vegetables,  a toy sheep and a Borzoi hound for companionship, along with a tiny bisque doll.  Her wonderful array of sweet clothing and items are stored in an antique, leather covered, oval wood box with a leather strap (strap is mended on the side). Under the lid are some notes that were listed long, long ago. 

Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!


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